Archdiocese of Washington Legacy Society

Individuals have various motivations for assisting charitable organizations they value. There may be an established relationship, admiration for the goals achieved by the charity, mutual interests, a hope to improve the community, honoring a loved one’s memory and many other reasons. Whatever the motivation, your charitable gifts are valued and important and most charities cherish the chance to express their gratitude.

This is true for the Archdiocese of Washington as well. Whether you grew up attending a school or parish in the Archdiocese and treasure your time there, volunteered for a ministry operating within the Archdiocese and want that opportunity to continue, or just felt God’s prompting to share the blessings He has bestowed on you, we would like the opportunity to thank you for your thoughtful gift. The ministries that are offered throughout the Archdiocese of Washington are available because of generous donors like you who pave the way for future generations.

If you have included or are contemplating including your school, parish or the Archdiocese of Washington in your will or estate plans, please consider letting us know about your decision. We would be honored to have you as a member in The Legacy Society. We understand if you wish to remain anonymous and will honor that decision as well.

Once you decide to make a gift to the Archdiocese of Washington, there are several relatively simple ways to complete your objective. The most widely used method for making legacy gifts is through a will. After first providing for your loved ones, you may decide to make a gift to the Archdiocese of a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or all or part of what remains after family and friends have been remembered.

Additionally, some gift options provide immediate income for you and/or a loved one, tax benefits and asset management, all while coordinating for an eventual charitable gift to the Archdiocese. Other plans allow you to make a temporary gift of assets today, receive an immediate tax deduction and, after a predetermined period, have the assets returned to you or someone you choose.

If you want more information about various gift options, have any questions or want to inform us of your decision to include the Archdiocese of Washington in your estate plan, please contact Charlie Thomas at (301) 853-4573 or email:

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