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Fall 2018


  • A Life Well-Lived
  • Giving to the Archdiocese from Your IRA
  • Let Your Gift to the Archdiocese Take Care if You
  • A Gift Annuity for a Loved One

Fall 2017


  • My Faith Keeps Me Grounded
  • Does Your Will Still Work for You?
  • Make the Gift You Wish You Could
  • 4 Reasons to Give Appreciated Propery This Year-End

Spring 2017


  • “I Feel Refreshed in My Faith”
  • Make Sure Your Plans Still “Fit”
  • Extra Savings with Non-Cash Gifts
  • You Are Invited to Become a Member of the Legacy Society

Fall 2016


  • Making a Difference Together
  • Smart Giving With Securities
  • An Unexpected Source for Giving
  • Year-End Planning Checklist